Netherlands OML Conference 2 & 3 June

Program – Thursday 2 June 2022

11.00-11.15Opening by Ivo Adan – Scientific director research school Beta
11.15-12.15Keynote presentation by Rob van der Mei (emergency logistics)

Session 1: Transport

Chair: Luuk Veelenturf

Session 2: Data Analytics

Chair: Zümbül Atan

Session 3: Robotic Systems

Chair: René de Koster


Titi Iswari – A collaborative model for inventory and routing in city logistics: an experimental study

Stef Lemmens – Operational Challenges in Medical Transportation Platforms in Developing CountriesMahsa Alirezaei – The impact of safety and productivity reminders on warehouse driver behavior: A VR experiment
 Rolf van Lieshout – How (not) to evaluate the quality of passenger routes, timetables and line plansChristina Imdahl – Targeted Automation of Order Decisions Using Machine LearningBhoomica Nataraja – Integrated Decisions for Robot-based Order Picking/Fulfillment Systems
 Lóri Tavasszy – Translating the Physical Internet to city logistics – some research directionsOzge Tuncel – Lower-Tier Supplier Sustainability Improvement FrameworkFrederik Schulte – Human Aspects and Performance in Collaborative Order Picking—What if Robots Learned When to Give Humans a Break?
15.00-15.30Break & check in

Session 4: Advances in Retail Operations

Chair: Nevin Mutlu

Session 5: Energy

Chair: Evrim Ursavas

Session 6: Sustainability and Circular Economy

Chair: Renzo Akkerman

 Somayeh Torkaman – From return to exchange: the value of an omni-channel journeyStefano Fazi – The Multi-trip Container Drayage problem with Empty Containers Management in a Dry-port SettingGizem Mullaoglu – An Incentivization Selection Model to Promote Circularity in Repair Operations
 Yeqing Zhou – The value of flexibility from opaque sellingAlbert Schrotenboer – Dynamic production and static distribution of green hydrogen: A combined MDP and MIP approachPatricia Rogetzer – Analysis of a circular solution for complex waste streams
 Paul Buijs – How Does Vendor-Managed Inventory Improve Supply Chain Performance?Ilke Bakir – An Integrated Optimization Framework for Multi-Component Predictive Analytics in Wind Farm Operations & MaintenanceGijsbert Korevaar – Circular business model experimentation: An agent-based approach to validation of various business models for circular industries
17.00-17.30Break & poster session
17.30-18.15Keynote presentation by Willem van Jaarsveld (reinforcement learning)
18.30-20.30Conference dinner

Program – Friday 3 June 2022

9.00-10.00Keynote presentation Paul Enders about how academia and industry can support each other for solving societal problems
10.00-11.00Break & poster session
11.00-12.00Panel discussion ‘The future of academic publishing’
12.00-13.00Lunch – last possibilty for voting for poster prize

Session 7: Health Care Operations

Chair: Harwin de Vries

Session 8: New Operations Management Research Areas / reinforcement learning

Chair: Maxi Udenio

Session 9: Maintenance & after sales service supply chains

Chair: Engin Topan

 Caroline Jagtenberg – Modeling Emergency Medical Service Volunteer ResponseArnoud Wellens – The Impact of Improving Demand Forecasts with Machine Learning Methods on a Retailer’s Inventory ControlIpek Dursun – Data-driven spare parts recommendation for corrective maintenance of capital goods
 Denise Tönissen – Using 3D-printing in disaster response: The two-stage stochastic 3D-printing knapsack problem

Tarkan Temizoz – Deep Controlled Learning for Large Scaled Inventory Control

Laurens Deprez – Empirical Risk Assessment of Maintenance Costs under Full-service Contracts
 Harwin de Vries – Site Visit Frequency Policies for Mobile Family Planning ServicesRobert van Steenbergen – Reinforcement Learning for UAV-Aided Humanitarian LogisticsEngin Topan – Operational spare parts planning in service control towers
14.30PhD Poster Award ceremony
Closing by Bert van Wee (Scientific director research school TRAIL)
Closing drink