Graduate Program Operations Management & Logistics

GP-OML PhD Course Program Autumn 2022

The Graduate Program OML is pleased to announce the course program for the Autumn semester 2022 is online. More information and registration

At many universities in the Netherlands, research groups are active in the area of Operations Management & Logistics (OML). The Graduate Program OML offers in-depth courses at PhD level specially aimed at PhD students from these groups.​

The OML-groups in the Netherlands join forces and offer a joint program of PhD courses within GP-OML. The focus on the courses in GP-OML is on operations management problems in various domains, and on scientific knowledge to handle these problems. The PhD courses of GP-OML are in-depth courses with a close connection to actual research and prepare PhD students to do research on topics within the area of OML. 

The GP-OML is a joint program by the Research School TRAIL and Beta and sponsored  by TKI Dinalog.

The program is complementary to the PhD course program of the Dutch Network on the Mathematics of Operations Research (in Dutch: Landelijk Netwerk Mathematische Besliskunde; LNMB), where the focus is on the OR techniques.

Core activities 

Program Board of the GP-OML program

Ivo Adan (Scientific Director Beta) – Chair
Renzo Akkerman (Chair Beta ) 
René de Koster (TRAIL & ERIM) 
Vincent Marchau  (Managing Director TRAIL)  
Tarkan Tan (Beta) 
Kees Jan Roodbergen (TRAIL) 
Bert van Wee  (Scientific Director TRAIL)
Geertje Kramer – secretary and policy advisor

See the list of contact persons for universities