Netherlands Operations Management and Logistics Conference 2020

11.00-11.15Opening by Ivo Adan – Scientific director research school Beta
Room: St. Janzaal
11.15-12.15Keynote presentation ‘Logistics innovations in the context of the Physical Internet’
by Prof. Iris Vis (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen)
Room: St. Janzaal

Session 1: Production Scheduling and Container Transport
Chair: Rob van der Mei
Room: St. Janzaal

Session 2: Data Analytics

Chair: Sandjai Bhulai
Room: Angola zaal

Session 3: Robotic Systems

Chair: Ivo Adan
Room: Congo zaal

15.00-15.30Break & check in 

Session 4: Advances in Retail Operations
Chair: Renzo Akkerman
Room: St. Janzaal

Session 5:   New Operations Management Research Areas Chair: Robert Boute
Room: Angola zaal

Session 6: Maintenance & after sales service supply chains​
Chair: Matthieu v.d. Heijden
Room: Congo zaal

17.00-17.30Break & poster session 
17.30-18.15Keynote presentation ‘ Large Scale Last Mile Operations’
by Julian Pachon (Amazon, USA)

Room: St. Janzaal
18.30-21.00Conference dinner 

Program – Friday 27 March 2020


Workshop 1: How to increase your visibility by Prof. Jan Fransoo (Kuehne Logistics University)

Workshop 2: How to be successful in personal grants by Prof. Caspar Chorus (Delft University)
10.00-11.00Break & poster session
11.00-12.00 Keynote presentation ‘Optimization Challenges and Oppertunities in the Gig Economy’
by Prof. Martin Savelsbergh (Georgia Tech)

Room: St. Janzaal
12.00-13.00Lunch – last possibilty for voting for poster prize
13.00-14.30Session 7: Healthcare

Chair: Cynthia Kong
Room: St. Janzaal
Session 8: Synchromodal Transport
Chair: Luuk Veelenturf
Room: Angola zaal
Session 9: Smart Warehousing

Chair: René de Koster
Room: Congo zaal
14.30-15:30 Keynote presentation ‘Managing Global Supply Chains in the Industry 4.0 Era’
by Prof Christopher Tang (UCLA)

Room: St. Janzaal
15.30Poster award ceremony
Closing by Bert van Wee – Scientific director research school TRAIL
Closing drink