Information for Poster Presentations & NOMLC 2022 Poster Award

Do you wish to present your research in the field of Operations Management & Logistics? You are invited to present your research findings and ideas during the poster sessions as part of the Netherlands Operations Management and Logistics Conference 2022. This is a great way to create exposure for your research, learn about other exiting research and receive feedback from a dedicated group of academics in the field of Operations Management & Logistics from the Netherlands and Flanders.

The best poster will be rewarded the NOMLC 2022 Poster Award!

NOMLC 2022 Poster Award

The Dutch and Flemish academic community in the field of Operations Management and Logistics introduce the NOMLC 2022 Poster Award, to be shown at the third edition of the Netherlands Operations and Management Conference on 31 March and 1 April 2022. This award of 250,- is presented to the author of the best poster. The winner will be determined by the votes of the participants in the conference.

Register your poster

Wish to present a poster? Please let us know before 15 March by sending an email to Posters that are not registered in time will not be displayed and cannot compete for the NCOML 2022 Poster Award.

Poster guidelines

You will be provided with a poster board where you can put up your poster. The format requirements for your poster are:

  •         A1 size
  •         portrait format

All materials necessary for putting up your poster will be available in the poster area. You are expected to bring your poster and put it up on 31 March before 11.00 or during the lunch break (12.15-13.30) or afternoon break (15.00 – 15.30). The general display time is from 31 March 15.30 to 1 April 13.00. All authors are asked to take down their posters on 1 April between 15.00 and 15.30. Remaining posters will be disposed of by the conference staff and will not be stored.

Poster sessions  

31 March: 17.00 – 17.30.

1 April: 10.00 – 11.00.

Authors are expected to be by their posters during both poster sessions to answer questions from attendees. Please note that the audience is asked to judge both posters and presentations when voting for the Poster Award.


Things to keep in mind when creating your poster


Who will see your poster?

Design and organize your content to fit your intended audience. Remember, academics and PhD students in the broad field of Operations Management and Logistics will be viewing your poster and will be listening to your presentation. In addition they will vote for the NOMLC 2022 Poster Award.


Be clear about what your research/project is really about. Be brief but include necessary details. Focus on what you have learned and what knowledge would you like to impart to your audience in the brief time that you have their attention. What discoveries have you found? Where they fascinating, surprising, disturbing? Did your findings confirm your hypotheses and assumptions, or run contrary to your expectations?


Paying attention to visual design is essential for an effective poster. White space and images are as important as text. The layout should be eye catching. However, flashiness is not the main objective. The design goal is to help your audience understand your research. Remember that using high-quality graphics- including photographs, illustrations, charts, graphs, maps, etc. – will make it easier for your viewers to digest information. Arrange information in bullet points when appropriate. Put lists of statistics in tables. Highlight, bold, and/or italicize responsibly. Use colour if you can.

Other design tips

  •      Keep titles brief: overly long titles are more difficult to remember.
  •      Make your fonts big enough to read from a reasonable distance.
  •      Put your name(s) and contact information on the poster preferably near the title.