Writing a Literature Review in the TIL-domain – Spring 2023


15 February, 12 April, 14 June 2023


10.00 -16.00 h.




Prof. Bert van Wee & Dr. Alp Akçay




1 (attendence only) – 4 (attendence + passing assignment)

Course fee:

Free for TRAIL/Beta/ERIM/OML members, others please contact the TRAIL office


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To explain TRAIL participants how to write a literature review for a scientific journal in the TIL-domain.

Those who do not aim to write a journal paper but, for example, a chapter in their thesis are also welcome. Journal papers have the highest ambition level and are the point of departure.

Course description:

This course helps you to write a literature review paper. It explains types of literature reviews, the structure of literature review papers, gives tips and tricks, and discusses some example papers.

After day 1 you draft a literature review, or at least its outline. Students commend on each other’s drafts. On day 2 we share and discuss experiences, and the way to address review comments. On day 3 participants present their literature review paper and others comment.


A draft journal paper (outline), to be finished / polished in collaboration with (daily) supervisor(s).


Day 1 – 15 February
11:00                            Welcome, who is who? Aim course

11:15-11:45                   Introduction to writing a literature review

  • Why a literature review
  • Review versus overview
  • Which added value for the reader?
  • Journal choice

11:45-12:30                   Types of literature reviews

12:30 – 13:15                Lunch

13:15-14:00                   General structure

  • Which parts
  • Importance of introduction
  • Comparison to previous reviews (if applicable)
  • Methodological issues
  • ‘Empty tables’

14:00–15:00                  Tips and tricks

15:00-15:15                   Break

15:15–16:00                  Study of example papers: lessons learned

16:00–16:30                  Discussion / questions, partly based on example papers

16:30–17:00                  Agreements intermediate period


Day 2 – 12 April: practice: Scope, Added value, Search Strategy: feedback

13:30 – 14:00               Guest lecturer

14:00 -15:45                 Lessons learned by writing, reading, giving and receiving feedback

Focus on Scope, Added value and Search strategy

15:45-16:00                   Break

16:00-16:30                   Dilemma’s / how to deal with review comments?

16:30-16:45                   Evaluation


Day 3 – 14 June

11:00-12:30                   Presentations of papers plus discussion/feedback

12:30-13:15       `           Lunch

13:15-14:45                   Presentations of papers plus discussion/feedback

14:45-15:00                   Evaluation


See Prerequisite


Course material:


Read the paper: Van Wee, B, and Banister, D. (2016), How to write a literature review paper. Transport Reviews, volume 36-2016, issue 2, pp.278-288. PDF download: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/01441647.2015.1065456

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