Paul Enders - How broadening your career provides a platform to progress in industry as well help solve societal problems


Once upon a time I was a Masters student at TU/e with a broad interest. In this presentation I will address the career steps I have made, from TU/e to PhD at Carnegie Mellon, through high-end strategy consulting with the Boston Consulting Group, and currently at ASML. During every phase of my career, I have picked up skills that I would have struggled to obtain in a single line of work.  As an example, I will illustrate how some of these career lessons enabled me, along with a broad group of friends, and partners, to have a meaningful impact on the speed of the Dutch vaccination campaign in spring of 2021.

Biography Paul Enders

Paul Enders obtained his Masters in Operations Management and Logistics from TU/e in 2004 after which he obtained his PhD from the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. After several years in the Amsterdam office of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) he then joined ASML where he served in various, Supply Chain Management, roles. Currently Paul is a Sr Director for System Delivery Management of ASML’s next platform. Beyond his professional work, Paul has been active in a variety of other areas, e.g. as Chairman of Alumnia, Chairman of Service Logistics Forum (SLF), member of school participation council